World Parents for Children?

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Jeff and I have been speaking every morning for the past week, sharing with each other the new ideas of the day.  It’s cool, we are both morning people and we wake up bubbling with exciting thoughts regarding content and direction.  Our first meeting was last Sunday where we spent five hours together, with me downloading a lot of information and he questioning me and beginning the process of organizing it.

Since then we have been researching articles, other parenting books and neuroscience resources and studies.  The more I read the more I get how essential it is to get this information out to parents in a way that they can digest.  It still baffles me, and today Jeff described his wonderment over why the various reportedly very effective computer programs and tools that are out there for parents, e.g. “Fast ForWord” and “BrainSpark” and “BrainPro”  are not on shelves in every store, and in every home, in every school?

While it is not clear why more people don’t know about these tools, given how life transforming they can be for children and parents, I am committed to doing what I can to create more visibility. I feel like I felt when I was working on World Artists for Tibet and our mission was to get the word out about china’s human rights violations toward the Tibetan people.

Hmmm, perhaps a new movement is afoot: World Parents for Children!

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