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You know how when you start thinking about something, or planning to buy some big item, or you get some weird health problem, suddenly you start seeing that particular thing everywhere.  You turn the TV on and someone is talking about it.  You are standing on line in a bank and the people behind you are discussing it.  You pick up the paper and there it is.  You could have sworn that prior to this issue entering your life, it was nowhere around you.  Well it is happening to me and Jeff right now.  Wherever we are, brain science is following us.

This morning I get an email from Jeff which he sent last night around 11:37pm, informing me that he just bumped into another of Charlie Rose’s segments on Brain Science.  This time it was about emotions, specifically fear and anxiety, and how they are wired in our brain.  Of course I immediately Googled it and began to watch.

First, I am strongly urging everyone who is reading this to take the time to watch this show and all the other segments before this one.  It does such a great job in illustrating how these emotions are often triggered by a false premise, more often than not, one that was implanted in out minds when we were children.  This information is critical in helping us understand some of what is going on with us when we experience the various thoughts and emotions which often run our lives.

The other reason I urge everyone to watch Brain Series is because I promise you that if you do, something inside of you will change.  You may experience awe, a small lift in your emotional space, a new sense of appreciation of self and others – some important shift.

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