Reactive vs Creative Selves – revisited

Following on yesterday’s post on the two types of Knowing: intellectual and heart, I thought it would be a good idea to review these concepts in the spirit of bringing them closer to your hearts.

The following questions are posed to aid you in getting a better appreciation of your knowledge of these concepts. The more clear you are, and the better able you are to distinguish between your Reactive and Creative Selves, the better your chances of intercepting the Reactive and shifting to the Creative. If you need a refresher on these concepts, click here.

1. Are you aware that there are two overarching forces within you: Your Reactive and Creative Selves.
2. Are you aware that most of your behaviors and actions are governed by your Reactive Self?
3. Are you aware of how your reactivity renders you ineffective in many areas in your life?
4. Are you aware that you have the ability to be more governed by your Creative Self than by your Reactive Self?
5.Are you aware of the benefits of operating from the Creative Self?
6.Are you aware of what you need to do to be able to operate more from the Creative than Reactive Self?
7.If yes, are you committed to doing it?
8. If no, read this blog again.

Practicing any new skill is an essential part of mastering it.

Are you interested in being more Creative and less Reactive? Are you interested in coming from your higher Self and less from your animal/instinctual/habitual Self?

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