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As you know, I have been investing much of my time and energy promoting our AWARENESS application. With great intention and wonderful support we are setting the stage for creating a buzz and generating interest in the app. While we are busy reaching out to various strategic media outlets like CNN, Good Morning America, The Today Show and others, an article just showed up today in the The article, written by Nancy Rosenfeld Daly, a new friend who entered my life only a few months ago, but feels like I have know forever, is already making a splash for us. What a great reminder that life is magical. I did not ask Nancy to write this article, I didn’t even know she wrote it until I saw it posted on my Facebook page this morning.

I called Nancy to thank her for her support and generosity of spirit. That conversion concluded with my request that she join our company, Discover Yourself, and become part of our team. Gratefully, she has agreed and we are ecstatic to have her join us. I am sharing this with you because I am deeply moved by the people in my life and I wanted to remind you to appreciate the people in your life. Thank you Nancy!

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