Global Emotional Awareness Movement (GLEAM)

As many of you know I am passionate about helping us discover a more patient, kind and compassionate way to be with ourselves and each other.  That is the primary reason that I created the AWARENESS application.  We have been getting some heartfelt and moving responses to the app and we were wondering how can we reach people who don’t have an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad . It occurred to us that we can actually put some parts of the app on a web site and have people around the world experience it.  We then thought it would be really cool if people could map themselves on a Google Map and share their feelings with everyone around the world.  We then thought it would be great if they shared their feelings with their friends and family and invite them to record their feelings.  Can you see where this is going?  This can be a really amazing movement to inspire people to get in touch with their feelings and learn how to harness them in a healthy way, leading to more peaceful and grounded lives.  No I don’t think it will happen over night, but we need to start somewhere.

So effective December 31st, the url: will take people to the (GLEAM) platform and people can begin to record their feelings, do the video meditations, receive the inspirational quote and then map their feelings.  We are also working on a youtube and photo contest to inspire people to become more aware of their feelings and I will provide further details on that in future blogs.

Finally, it looks like I will be appearing on CNN on Friday morning to share the AWARENESS app and GLEAM with the world.  More details to follow.

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4 Comments on “Global Emotional Awareness Movement (GLEAM)”

  • Annette
    16 January, 2011,

    I would have liked to find a color chart on your website regarding which color reflects which emotion…this way I could have an idea of what individuals in different countries were feeling. Maybe I didn’t look in the right place.

  • ronit
    16 January, 2011,

    Thank you for participating. You can click on your own or any other colored pin and it will give you the breakdown of the colors and associated feelings. Please share with your friends and family. Thank you.

  • 29 May, 2011,

    Hi Ronit:

    What a gReat idea this is. It is in keeping with an upcoming gathering I’ll be offering called ‘Common Ground’ because I believe we are more alike than not AND if we just spoke about the things we are taught to hide, harbor, repress, suppress, oppress, etc., we’d be so much healthier.

    Your ‘gadget’ is kind of like my gathering but only in a ‘to go’ format, available anytime to check in with yourself and others. It’s an opportunity to see that you really are ok; that all of these feelings are normal and here to be experienced and expressed to grow, heal and expand us.

    I’m going to post this on my Fan Page

    I love your work. All the best,


  • ronit
    30 May, 2011,

    Thank you Brice, for your feed back and for sharing the AWARENESS app with your community. It does exactly what you say, gives us an opportunity to check in with ourselves and helps us heal and grow. We have gotten some amazing testimonials from users. I would love to learm more about your “Common Ground” gathering. I would be happy to post about it with my community,
    Wishing you the best.
    Warm heart to you,

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