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I am finally doing it!!  This Wednesday, August 10 @ 7pm EDT, I will host a webcast on emotional AWARENESS.  While its objective is to help people get the most out of using the AWARENESS app, I will focus greatly on how our brains work and what we can do to make them work better.

As I have discussed often in this blog, if we don’t understand the machinations behind our feelings, thoughts, beliefs and actions – what makes us tick – we can’t have significant influence over them.  We are habitual creatures who have been programmed at a very early age – before we had much say about it.  We need to become aware of the many programs that are running us and begin to  rewire those programs that don’t work for us.  You know which programs I am referring to, the ones that stop us from achieving our goals, experiencing truly loving  relationships with our loved ones, taking care of our planet and achieving overall internal and external peace and well being.

It is time for us to move into the next level of human evolution, a kinder, more compassionate, creative and peaceful people.  In order for us to achieve this state of being we need to take the curriculum and practice being that with ourselves and each other.  AWARENESS is the key.

I invite you to join me by clicking here to register for the Live AWARENESS webcast. If you have any specific questions you wish me to address, please email me by Tuesday evening.  I will answer the most frequently asked questions.

Please invite your friends by forwarding/liking this post.  Let’s evolve our consciousness together.




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  • 7 August, 2014,

    Thanks for a great introduction. It remendid me of my living close to a Tibetan monastery and university here in Austria for a couple of years and spending some time with the monks and students there. It made me aware’ that I want to start meditating more regularly than I did over the last months for me personally as a beginning (which by itself will have an effect on my work with clients) although more with mediation methods from anthroposophy (Rudolf Steiner) at this time, as I did some modular program recently on these methods and haven’t really found a way of regular practice which I want to change so hopefully this first session is a kick-off in this way Gerd

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