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It is finally complete!!  It’s taken a lot longer than we expected (doesn’t everything), but we are proud to announce that AWARENESS is now available at no cost in Japan.
As many of you know, AWARENESS was designed to help you become more connected to yourself, reduce stress, and promote emotional well being.  It starts by asking the user a simple series of questions, repeated at random intervals, that can actually “rewire” the user’s brain to become less reactive to stressful and painful situations and become more calm and happy over time. The sequence begins with the question “What are you feeling right now?” and goes on to guide the user with a brief visual exercise to become more aware and present.

Initially, when the discussion as to which language the app should first be translated began in January 2011, Spanish was suggested as being most reasonable given its prevalence around the world.  While that
remains an important initiative,  something told me that the people of Japan would need it more.  We moved forward with that decision and found two of the most extraordinary and generous individuals to help us with translation to Japanese.  Masayo Anton-Ozawa and Ayami Shohara worked faithfully and endlessly on the translation, exhibiting a level of integrity and impeccability rarely seen.  We are deeply grateful to them.

When the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan in March, I understood my premonition.  I was a crisis and trauma therapist for eight years working for the New York City Department of Mental Health and I am particularly sensitive to trauma victims and their emotional needs. Knowing that the Japanese community is very tech-savvy, and wishing to help as many victims of this nationwide tragedy as possible, we decided to release AWARENESS at no cost in Japan.

The application can help them release their fears and anxieties and become more peaceful and strong so that they can better cope with their ongoing challenges.

Our prayers and well wishes are with you.





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