Life can be magical

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Psssst, you, yes you, come here.  I have something important to tell you.  WAKE UP! Stop everything you are doing and listen.  Not to me, to yourself.  Don’t pretend you don’t know what I am talking about.  How many times have you ignored that little voice in yourself?  You know, that voice that keeps harping at you, reminding you that you are not living the life you want.  That nagging voice that makes you feel restless and uncomfortable because you are not being fully authentic and truthful in your life.  No matter how many distractions you come up with, food, sex, TV, alcohol, sports, etc., this constant voice continues to sing its tune.

Why do you think that voice is there?  Do you think it has no other purpose than to just torment you?  Come on, at the deepest level of your being you know that voice has a very important message to give you and if you heeded it, you might just discover its true mission, to wake you up from this unconscious stupor that you call life.

How often have you wondered “Why is everything so difficult?  Why is it so hard to get along with people?  Why do I have to work for a living in a job I hate?  Is this what life is all about?”

You have been so conditioned to believe that life is full of struggle, chaos, conflict, and fear that you don’t even know that there are other possibilities.  You have been asleep at the wheel of your life, believing all that you have been fed and following the masses blindly.

The fact is: life can be magical, joyous and profoundly fulfilling.  It can be experienced as an unimaginable adventure, a mystery.  All the things that you experience as difficult are mere illusions.  There are untold gifts waiting for you if you are willing to WAKE UP.

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One Comment on “Life can be magical”

  • 3 September, 2011,

    This is fantastic Ronit, thanks for sharing. It’s so true, many people need to be awakened from within I mention this in my book, ‘True Confessions of the Heart’ and it is then that transformation begins to happen from the inside-out.

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