Taking a Leap Into 2012

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Aloha everyone!

As many of you know I am in Hawaii – in paradise.  Being in the presence of these magnificent islands brings home how magical and miraculous nature is.  I will get into the trip and share some pictures in a future blog.  Right now I want to reflect on how magical and miraculous human nature is.  We are so frequently exposed to the dark side of our nature that we often forget the beautiful light we can be.  This new year needs to be about our light.

This is a year to jump, to take on doing something you have always wanted to do and do it.  It is a time to get out of your head and into action, to take on integrity, authenticity and bring out your miraculous nature.  Each one of us knows in the deepest part of our selves our capacity to give, forgive, shine, and love.  We tend to dream of what could be without realizing that we can make our dreams come true, when we find the courage to act.

What have you always dreamed about doing or changing in your life? What single act of courage would bring it about?

Two days ago, I jumped out of an airplane 10,000 feet above Kauai’s magnificent sunrise. A big part of me is still reeling from the experience.  I have wanted to experience skydiving for as long as I can remember, but it always lived in the fantasy realm – I never thought I would actually do it.  Even as I sit here now, it is hard for me to fathom that I got into a tiny little plane, barely holding 4 people and a pilot, watch it slowly, very slowly, climb up to 10,000 ft – we were in the clouds – then jump into the clouds.

But something huge happened when my feet touched the ground. I knew I had conquered another one of my fears.  I felt a sense of courage unlike anything else I have ever done.  This was my next step to freeing myself to find the miraculous within me.  You have your next step to freeing yourself to discover another piece of miracle within you.  What is yours?

Wishing you a healthy, joyous, peaceful, and loving New Year!  May you realize all of your dreams.

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