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As you know I am all about helping people connect to their feelings and showing how they affect their thoughts and actions. I have written many blogs about emotions, including emotional neighborhood, as well as developed AWARENESS, a mobile app that reminds you to connect with your feelings several times a day.

As part of my continuing education on the subject, I surf the internet in search of others who are as passionate about this subject as I am. On one of these searches I came across Emotional-Times. I immediately became intrigued by the author of this site, Mark Ivar Myhre, as I read about his deep commitment to help people understand the value of learning about and managing our emotions. I decided to reach out to Mark to learn more about him. I was particularly curious since it is a rare man that has such great insight into the emotional world.

After speaking with Mark I knew I wanted to let people know about him and invite them to learn from his courageous journey. I asked him why he started his blog and he said: “I did it because I wanted people to see that if I can do it, they can do it.” He is referring to the great struggles he has had in his life since he felt “emotionally crippled” in the past. Ever since he set out to understand and work with his emotions, he has found that not only is he not afraid of them anymore, he now enjoys them.

Life has gotten so deep for me. I connect to love on a deeper level than I have ever felt before. Living my life in the flow of opening up, in the flow of the feelings that are coming into me.

I encourage you to visit Mark’s website and share it with others. We can use as much support in exploring our feelings as we can get. Mark’s insight and wisdom is up there with the best.

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