Awareness is the Key

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DSC01039One of the most challenging tasks facing us is remaining aware and conscious in the moment.  I touched on this a little in the Live in the Moment blog, but here I want to focus on the conscious and awareness parts.  So much of my blog discussions involve helping you understand how the mind works with the intent of giving you the tools to take more charge of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.   The idea is that the more you know about how your brain, your mind and your spirit work together to shape you, the greater your ability to create the life you want.

There is one catch though, the only way they can work together is if there is a conscious being inside of you that understands why this integration is important and fiercely wants it.   Unless that part of you awakens to this hunger and decides to pursue it as if your life depends on it, the odds are this integration will not occur.  You may think, “How dramatic!”  and OK, your life may not literally depend on it, but the quality of your life does.  Actually, Socrates would say your life does depend on it because when you are not living consciously you are not living your life.  You are living the life you were programmed to live by your parents and your society, but it is not what you would have chosen for yourself if you could.

I would like for you to stop for a moment now and just ask yourself how would you have programmed yourself if you were completely in charge.  I am not referring to your looks; I am referring to your skills, talents, attributes, values — your essence.

Whatever you imagine for yourself is within your reach if you choose. You have the capacity to rewire any and all behaviors you wish to. What is required is awareness when it occurs interception of it and replacing it with your desired behavior. In my next blog I will give you the exact formula for transforming any behavior you wish.

It begins with awareness – Awareness is the key!

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3 Comments on “Awareness is the Key”

  • soph
    29 June, 2010,

    Of course I am interested … tell me how?

  • ronit
    30 June, 2010,

    Tomorrow’s blog will give you guidance.

  • 13 June, 2011,

    This is fascinating. I can’t wait to hear more. Thanks!

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