Wake Up!

Awareness is the key!

I will keep reminding you of this most important tool.

The objectives of my blog are to EDUCATE, INSPIRE and AWAKEN you.   Because we operate predominantly from our Reactive, pre-programmed Selves, we are mostly unconscious or asleep in our day to day life.  Unless we wake up from the automation of the habitual Reactive Self, we are not likely to experience the fullness of life.  Remember, you are on automatic pilot most of the time. It is rare that you are in touch with everything that each moment has to offer you.  At any given instant you are most likely thinking about and planning something in the future or ruminating about something that already happened.  Either one of these states precludes experiencing the present moment.

The implications for your day to day – your life – are GREAT.  While you are in your head thinking about something, your child may say or do something that needs your attention; your spouse or partner may be tenderly communicating with you; a delicious morsel of food may have just entered your palate; the wind just caressed your arm; the sky turned a gorgeous shade of blue in the early dusk.  You miss so much of what makes life worth living.  As John Lennon said: “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.”

You may ask, “So what can I do about this?  How can I be different if this is the way I am wired?”  These are the 64 million dollar questions.  Like a fish in water, if you don’t know that you are asleep how can you wake up?  If you are on automatic how can you intercept yourself and become more conscious?

You want to begin by asking yourself whether you care if you are on automatic pilot.  You need to truly get in touch with what it is costing you.  Do you want to experience more of life?  Do you want to feel yourself, your partner, your children, your parents or your friends more?  Do you want to be less angry, frustrated, impatient or fearful?  Are you satisfied and fulfilled with your life?  What do you want? Do you know what you want or have you been operating like a leaf in the wind, flying in whichever direction it blows.  Do you feel like you are living your life?

If you stop to ask yourself these questions from an authentic space within you – from a true space of inquiry – they may compel you to answer to yourself.  These are not idle questions, the quality of your life depends on them.  Take a question a day and write down what comes up for you.  Then at different points throughout the day ask yourself the same question.  Feel what comes up for you.  If you remain in this inquiry, challenging yourself to discover the true meaning of your life, you will find yourself experiencing life more fully – peace-fully and joy-fully.DSC00141

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2 Comments on “Wake Up!”

  • Barbara Hasan
    1 July, 2010,

    Thank You for reminding me to savor each moment. I easily forget and get lost in the

    noise,drama, distractions in life and live in my Reactive Self. I have a lot of loss in my family. On a

    practical level I think that all of us do not have a guarantee of the next moment so I’d better savor

    and enjoy all there is from the present moment, the one I’m in. For me it is a full time job, does it get

    easier in time?

  • ronit
    1 July, 2010,

    It is an ongoing, never ending process. It does get easier, but only with practice. Over time as we get a chance to taste more of life, we want to be more present and our brain is wiring to be more present. So like the famous joke, How do you get to Carnegie Hall? practice, practice, practice.

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