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Ok, you really heeded the last blog; you asked yourself those critical questions and you got how waking up and operating from a conscious space can transform your life. Well, maybe you got it, but at this point you are back on automatic pilot and forgot it all. Would you please, right now, take a deep breath and get in touch with your desire to be more aware and conscious in this moment. Are you with me? If yes, would you like to go to the next level? This level requires a willingness to move into some kind of consistent practice. In other words, bring it into your everyday life.

Wait, I have one more question for you: Do you really want to be more aware? Why? What are the motivating reasons? Again, the more in touch you are with what you want and how badly you want it, the more likely you are to take on what is required to do it. I often compare this work to climbing Mt. Everest. One has to be extremely motivated and committed to pursue climbing Mt Everest. There is an appreciation of what the challenges are and a clear drive and/or desire to move through those challenges for what ever benefits or rewards that are implicit for the person in accomplishing this challenge. Additionally, the individual is not merely interested in reaching the top of the mountain, but is excited about contending with the many obstacles and unexpected situations that may arise while on the path. There is no illusion that this undertaking is going to be a piece of cake, or a focus on “OMG I don’t want to deal with all the difficult situations that will arise”. There is, I want to do this!! I am aware of how strenuous, scary and demanding this could be and I am going to show up and triumph.

The same attitude has to prevail here. This is not Mt Everest, this is Cave YOU (you could fill in your name). While you are not climbing a mountain, you are excavating your interior being. You are discovering yourself. If you are choosing this path then you need to step up to the challenge with all that it entails.

If you are ready to move forward, which means you are committed to this process and highly motivated, then the next step is to begin to practice an awareness exercise. I can recommend a few and you can choose one. Feel free to comment if you want different ones or more options.
1. Every morning and every evening commit to sitting quietly for five minutes and just being with yourself. Do it even if it is uncomfortable and you don’t feel like it.
2. Either in the morning or the evening write down ten things in your life you are grateful for.
3. Get the book Peace Is Every Step by Thick Naht Hahn, and follow his suggestions for being more mindful.
4. Do the Loving Yourself exercise on my site.

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