The Grand Canyon Of Our Lives

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as i approached the vast, spacious view of the grand canyon, i began to feel it- my heart stopped, my breathing slowed and my mind quietedThe Grand Canyon of Our Lives- for an eternal moment, i disappeared into the Oneness of the Cosmos.

merging into the river of Spirit, the river of creation, i became the source of it all. i was the sky, i was the sun, i was the earth, i was the rain that sourced the river that created this magnificent work of art. in that eternal moment, there was no time, no space, no form. there was only a continuum of nothing and everything.

returning to my body form, my mind and my emotions, i experienced the interconnection of all that Is. i realized that there is no object or subject, no out there or in here, no life or death. There is only Spirit– and that everyone and everything is the manifestation, the reflection, of this spirit.

this awareness brought forth yet another insight. since all is part of Spirit, then all is governed by Spirit’s creative essence. The essence of the river that created the grand canyon then, is the same essence which resides in each and every one of us. the river did not intend to create the grand canyon, it merely flowed with its true nature, and in the process, the grand canyon was created.

what if we wake up to our true nature and become guided by its essence?
what if we recognize and embrace our Oneness with the Whole?
what if we stop perceiving obstacles, barriers and problems, and just flow through, between, around, under or over the illusion of separateness?

what would the grand canyon of your life look like?

what would the grand canyon of our collective lives look like?

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