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We are in a cloud forest by the ocean.  There is a soft mist in the air all day long, creating a dreamy, surreal environment.  We drove  zigzaging between the coast and deep into the forest looking for possible locations for Discover Yourself headquarters.  This place is pristine – full of raw natural beauty.  Yet, we can also see the emergence of development along the coast.  It reminds me of Costa Rica 20 years ago.  Unlike Costa Rica though, Ecuador is committed to maintaining a balanced ecosystem and not allowing for overdevelopment.

The weather here right now is 70 degrees all day and night.  In the summer it gets hot and three months out of the year is the rainy season.  We identified several spectacular locations as possibilities.  The land, as you can imagine, is relatively inexpensive by American standards.  Our dream is to create a sustainable space that will support the local community as we design and build our transformational tools.

I am continually awed by the amazing wildlife here.  One moment a gorgeous humming bird zips by us like a bumble bee, and the next moment some magnificent bird spreads its huge wings and glides through the valley. There is something magical about being in an environment where you are constantly reminded of the beauty around us.  The interesting thing is that most people who are born and raised in this environment have habituated to their surroundings and no longer marvel at these magnificent encounters.

No matter where we are, if we want to truly experience the miracle each moment of life presents us with we need to intercept our habituation process by becoming more present.  We would stop taking nature and each other for granted.

Our lives would be filled with gratitude.


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