Being There for Each Other

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It’s been over a month since I have blogged.  So much has happened since, most of it extremely challenging.  Gratefully, I have been blessed with generous people in my life who helped me every step of the way.  And just as gratefully, I have learned to ask for support when I need it.   This blog is a reminder that life is so much richer and more manageable when we are there for each other.

For those of you who read my last blog, an update on my father.  I arrived in Israel on Sunday afternoon, and immediately went to the hospital to see him.  While he was stable medically, he was not in good shape emotionally or physically.  I decided to get him out of the hospital and bring him home so that he can begin to heal.  I brought him home the following morning and began a program of intensive daily exercises to rehabilitate him both cognitively and physically.   I never would have gotten through this period without the great support and love I received from my cousin Oria and her husband Eli.  They drove me to the hospital and back.  They held my hand and listened to my heart when I felt overwhelmed.  They took me out to dinner when my father was well enough to be left with my mom, to give me some respite.  My dad recovered enough for us to fly back home after 10 days.

Within a few of days of our return to NY, Hurricane Sandy hit.  Fortunately, my parents’ and my home in Queens went unscathed.  Unfortunately, my son’s and  his girlfriend’s apartment in lower Manhattan lost electricity, heat and hot water.  Because my son was still recovering from a serious medical procedure he had undergone a week before, he needed immediate assistance. This time David came through and helped me mobilize so that I can get them food, ice, flashlights, etc.  Because of the 3 people minimum requirement to get into Manhattan, a wonderful friend agreed to come with us in the car so that we could deliver the goods.

As I began to recover from the one two punch, I got the horrific news that a dear friend of mine was in the hospital.  I rushed to the hospital to find her in intensive care, very sick.  Thankfully, I brought a friend with me who helped me get through the visit in one piece.  Within a few days, she and many other friends again held my hand and propped me up when I learned that my wonderful friend had passed away.

We are entering a very challenging time on this planet.  We are experiencing more economic, social and political strife.  We are feeling more pain, confusion, displacement and disorientation.   We need each other more than ever.  It has been heartening to see how many have and are continuing to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could be there for each other everyday, not only in times of crisis!

Together we can create and build an unimaginable world.


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