Current Projects

Mindpedia was created as a source for individuals to use to learn about the machination of their minds. We believe that we, humans, have reached a point in our evolution which requires us to move up to our next stage of development. This stage involves realizing that we are in the process of completing our animal/human stage of development, and are now being compelled to begin stepping into our next level, human/Spirit. This shift can only begin when we understand and accept our current level of operation, discover how we can operate more creatively and powerfully, and learn what we need to do to get there.

Mindpedia will provide you with a comprehensive and detailed description and discussion of the development and underlying machination of the mind. The discussion will focus on the workings of the two overarching forces that reside within us, the Reactive Self and the Creative/Core Self.

The Reactive Self, arising out of our animal/human aspect, has been the primary force driving human behavior. It is the entity behind our day to day perceptions, thoughts, emotions and actions. Its central goal is survival. Its basic underlying drive is fear. As its name indicates, it is predominantly reactive and as such is responsible for the negative and destructive events in humanity’s history.

The Core Self, arises out of our human/Spirit aspect whose nature is compassionate, unifying and creative. Its chief objective is promoting the well being of humanity as a whole. Because it is a relatively new force, it is subordinate to the Reactive Self in most situations in life. It is the impetus behind the kind, heroic and innovative acts in humanity’s history.

Getting a deep understanding how these two Selves emerged and operate can lead us to learn how to shift our locus of primary control from the Reactive to the Core Self. Given the massive challenges we are currently facing, it is imperative that we make this a priority.

Past Projects

World Artists for Tibet
It all started with a dream and a commitment. In April 1996, Ronit had a chance meeting with a European artist that revealed mutual concern for the plight of the Tibetan people. There began World Artists for Tibet (WAT). After meeting with and enrolling the Dalai Lama and the European Parliament, Ronit, founder and president of WAT, began the two year process of organizing a two month long world-wide arts festival to bring attention to the ongoing cultural genocide in Tibet (July-August 1998). She and her son, Leor, created the web site and brochures, networked with artists, celebrities, museums, galleries, theaters and clubs around the world, and coordinated the production of hundreds of multimedia events in 45 countries which celebrated the Tibetan culture and the human spirit.

Among the over five thousands artists who participated in the festival were, Yoko Ono, Richard Gere, Francesco Clemente, Alex Grey, Leon Golub, Ultra Violet, Phillip Borges, Bread and Roses, The Beastie Boys, dancers from Alvin Ailey Ballet, New York City Ballet, and Merce Cunnignham, and singers from The Opera of Paris. (

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