Who operates the most sophisticated machine known to mankind without having a clue as to how it really works?

You do!

So do most of us on the planet. The machine referred to is the human mind. While it is much more than a machine, the elementary level from which we operate it renders us not much more than automatons as we use it in IMG_1162our day to day lives. The fact is that if a pilot knew as much about operating planes, or a doctor knew as much about the working of the human body as each one of us knows about the operation of the human mind, we would never entrust them with our lives. Yet here we are going about our daily lives, operating our minds with hardly any understanding of how they work. Is it any wonder that our world looks the way it does? We cannot get away from the daily barrage of news about wars, corruption, crime, poverty, global warming and other environmental problems; or the many divisions arising out of different religions, cultures, and races.

What makes matters more absurd is that most of us do not even know that the reason we are confronted with all these difficulties is because we are uninformed about the machination of our minds. You see, a part of our mind’s programming actually creates the illusion that we know what we are doing and why. This program gives us the false perception that we are aware and in control, when obviously we are not.

  • How is your life?
  • Do you take care of yourself?
  • Do you love your job?
  • Are you happy with your spouse or partner?
  • Do you get along with your children?
  • How many people are you currently angry with?
  • How often do you feel a sense of well being and satisfaction with your life?

What good are all the things you pursue or have like the house, the car, latest technological toy, expensive clothes and jewelry, when you don’t feel comfortable and joyful in your own skin or are unable to enjoy peaceful and caring relationships with yourself or others?

The Internet is full of ideas, suggestions and advice on how to answer these questions. Googling any one of the above mentioned issues yields hundreds of millions and even billions of links. Yet the answers seem to be as elusive as ever. Why is that? Because most people are looking for the quick fix, the easy path. We are complicated creatures and unless we understand how our minds work, we will not be able to fulfill our individual and collective Spirits’ and Hearts’ longing: participating in meaningful and rewarding work, a sense of belonging, peace, joy and LOVE.

Do you really believe that if people had a choice we would intentionally choose to create this world we live in?

There is something elswoodstock 074e going on here and it has to do with our lack of understanding of how we operate - WHAT MAKES US TICK. If we understood how our minds worked we would be able to use them to serve us, to bring out the best in us. Like every other force of nature, our minds are governed by natural laws. If we understood the fundamentals of our minds, we would be able to use them to act in ways that benefit us rather than harm us.

Think about it, why would we humans, both on an individual basis and on a collective level, choose to create such disturbed realities for ourselves if we were aware and in control? You cannot simply dismiss it to human nature of greed, domination and selfishness. For every negative or destructive human quality there are one hundred positive and creative ones. Given that we have the power to be both destructive and creative, why is it that we don’t choose to be creative all the time? Why would we ever choose to be destructive?

We have reached a point in our evolution which requires us to move up to our next stage of development. This stage involves realizing that we are in the process of completing our predominantly unconscious, Reactive Human, and are now invited to begin stepping into our next level, conscious, Creative Human. This shift can only begin when each one of us takes on the next stage curricular.

My intention with this site is to provide you with a comprehensive and detailed discussion of the development and underlying machination of our minds, and give you the tools with which you can begin to shift yourself to the next level of human consciousness – Your Creative Self.

If you wish to develop a better understand of how your mind operates, the place to start is my philosophy since this will provide you with the foundation for the tools I will be discussing via blog entries and other writings.  There is a lot of information so please don’t expect to be able to grasp or understand it all. You will probably need to bite small pieces and reread them a few times.

Feel free to email me and/or leave comments if you have any questions or need some guidance.

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