What are you feeling right now?

Discover inner peace and emotional freedom with AWARENESS, a revolutionary new application for iPhone and
Android that helps you learn to be grounded and peaceful in your day to day life. Developed by Ronit Herzfeld, it builds on 25 years of clinical psychological experience, modern advances in neuroscience, and ancient spiritual teachings, packaged into a mobile tool that goes with you wherever you are.

AWARENESS ushers in a new era in the way individuals can use technology to change their own feelings, attitudes and behavior in an empowering way.

We are what we feel, so it’s time for each one of us to bring our emotions out of the closet! My experience is that when I share my grief or joy with you, both of us can be healed. And the first step is to know what I am feeling in each moment. The AWARENESS app is a sophisticated, effective, and wise way for just about anyone, anywhere in the world, to connect with their emotional intelligence, and to create a world-wide community of awakened people. Thank you, Ronit!

– Elizabeth Lesser, Cofounder, Omega Institute
Author of Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow

The AWARENESS application is the first tool to use mobile technology to randomly intercept your daily routine, and prompt you to get in touch with what you are feeling; taking you out of your worries and bringing you to the present moment.

AWARENESS is easy to use, and includes some great features:

  • A gentle reminder sound will intercept your routine, habitual thoughts and feelings throughout the day
  • Avoids interrupting your iCal meetings
  • Brief video clips guide you back to the present moment
  • 400 inspirational quotes tied to what you are feeling
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly reports give you insight into which activities lead to specific feelings
  • Reveals how you distract yourself from unpleasant feelings and how you can constructively free yourself from them
  • Works with or without a network connection
  • No advertisements
  • All data is kept private and stored only on your iPhone

Over the last two decades, the use of brain scanning technology has conclusively revealed the brain’s capacity to change its structure based on new experiences. New breakthroughs in neuroscience are continuing to reveal the extent to which our brains can rewire themselves and reshape our feelings, thoughts, behaviors and abilities. Using this application consistently over time can rewire your brain and increase your AWARENESS in your daily life.

To really feel your own power and abilities, you must begin by spending time with yourself. But time can be scarce. The AWARENESS iPhone application creates a small space, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, to stop, feel and breathe — usually, just when you most need it. This ingenious little helper is like an angel sitting on your shoulder, encouraging you to be the person you truly are.

– Evan Bailyn
Author, Entrepreneur and Founder of The Evan Bailyn Foundation For Emotional Awareness

Whether you know it or not, your emotional world runs you. The more aware you are of your feelings, the more you can harness them to your benefit. You can be a prisoner of your emotions, or you can master them.

AWARENESS help you become aware of your emotions and how they affect your thoughts and actions in ways that don’t work for you; preventing you from living your life fully and authentically. After just a few weeks of practice, users have found that:

- They are more present, more relaxed, and more comfortable in their skin.
- They are more harmonious in relationships
- They are less stressful and more peaceful at work and at home
- They are more energetic during the day
- They are more successful in sticking to a diet or exercise routine
- They are less distracted, impatient, forgetful or tired

We look forward to hearing your personal story of transformation through AWARENESS!


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40 Comments on “AWARENESS iPhone Application”

  • 4 January, 2011,

    Any chance you have an android version of this app? A few of my clients have it and i’d love to use it too


  • Carolyn Turner
    24 January, 2011,

    I love the app and have been using it daily for the last month or so. I love being interrupted in my day to remind me to be present in that moment. It is incredibly helpful.

    One suggestion — can you make it so I have the option of writing in my own word for what I’m feeling and/or doing? Sometimes I spend a lot of time trying to find the right word and it isn’t quite it — there were a few days when I wanted to write in the word “contented” — I couldn’t find it on the list and nothing else seemed quite right.

    I would also love to be able to be more specific about what I’m doing. I’m guessing that scrolling and choosing is supposed to make it easier but it is actually making it a little harder for me — or, if I could add my own choices, that would be good too.

    Thank you for a wonderful app!


  • ronit
    24 January, 2011,

    Hi Carolyn, thank you for the great feedback! I glad you are finding the app to be so helpful.

    You can, in fact, add your own activities in your own words. At the bottom of each activity list, there is a button labeled “add activity”. This will allow you to add custom activities to the list. You can also delete them later by hitting the “edit” button.

    Because there are specific quotes and meditations associated with the feelings, you are not able to add custom feelings to the list. Instead, we made sure we included as many feelings as possible, and if you can think of others that are missing we will gladly add them to the next release. “Content” is actually listed under the mood “Happy”.

    Keep us posted!

    Warm heart,

  • 9 March, 2011,

    Hey, I was wondering are there any plans for an Android version of this app anytime in the near future?

  • Marcelo Marquís
    28 March, 2011,

    Something it’s happening whit the app in my 3GS iPhone. I give my reports and theres no graphics then. Just say: no feellings reports yet. What can I do?
    Love & thanks!

  • ronit
    28 March, 2011,

    Hi marcelo,
    Thank you for reaching out  to us.  We are here to do whatever we can to help you have a great experience with the app.You are not getting the reports because you are not going through the whole app.  After you record your feelings and see the video.  You need to continue to the next screen which asks you what are you doing right now.  You need to record what you are doing and press continue.  Then you will get a quote that is related to the feeling you chose.  After you finish the whole cycle then you can go to home page and tap on reports and see them.  If you continue to tap on the pie chart it will give you deeper feelings and what you were doing while you were experiencing those feelings.  
    I hope this helps.  Let me know.
    Warm heart, Ronit

  • Marcelo Marquís
    28 March, 2011,

    First thanks for the quick answer. 
    When I press continue, what happens is: appear a flashin screen (like a half second or less), and then takes me to the main screen whit no reports recorded.
    That you say happened just in the fira time. Then also I erase and reinstall the app and nothing…
    I don’t know what to do…

  • Marcelo Marquís
    28 March, 2011,

    Sorry, you right! I was wrong! Now Im feeling embarassed, I’m gonna recordit!
    The app it’s running perfect!

  • ronit
    29 March, 2011,

    Glad it is working for you Marcelo.  Hope you enjoy using the ap and that it will benefit your life.  Pleasse keep us posted.  Warm heart.

  • 13 April, 2011,

    Is there a website that the reports are tied back to?  I’m seeing a therapist and would absolutely value being able to print out the reports and bring them with me.  I’m sure if you’d add this feature you’d have health professionals all over the world prescribing your application.  If you do go this route please make sure I’m on your royalties list!  :)  Rich

  • Tammra
    19 April, 2011,


    I see two people have asked if this application would be available for a droid phone with no answer. I do not have a smart phone yet and am looking at getting a droid. My friend has the Awareness App and I would love to have it on my droid phone.

    Would you please let us know if this will be available on a droid phone? If so, when?

    Thank you!!

  • ronit
    19 April, 2011,

    Thank you for reaching out to us. We actually responded to the questions about the droid version, not sure what happened to the response. We are in the process of developing a droid version. It seems to be a little more complicated so it is taking longer than we expected. We are hoping it won’t take longer than a couple of more months. I will let you know directly as soon as I have more clarity. Warm heart:-)

  • Ilonka
    16 September, 2011,

    Oops, something else I forgot: a minor detail, but I would love it if the reminders can be set on time, instead of choosing the number of reminders within the chosen time frame…

  • 27 September, 2011,

    Thank you for the great app. Ive never before check-in with my feelings throughout the day, and doing so has been very helpful. One feature I would love to see in a future version of the app is the ability to export the recorded data to a file (e.g., a .csv file)  I can open on my computer for further analysis.

  • ronit
    27 September, 2011,

    Thank you for you feedback Stephen. We are definitely going to add some new features to the app, including a data sync with your computer. We’ll keep you posted.

  • Greg
    15 December, 2011,

    I also have a Droid and would love to have this app on my phone. Is there any update on this?

  • Mike
    23 April, 2012,

    It’s been a year and no word on the Android version of Awareness. Have you given up?

  • Jacques Falquet
    22 October, 2012,

    Hi: I was wondering about the reports in the Awareness app. Are entries averaged on a daily basis, And then daily averages averaged again on a weekly or monthly basis? (In other words, does the app compensate for a variation in the number or daily entries.)

  • ronit
    22 October, 2012,

    Hi Jacques,

    Thanks for asking. The reports use a simple count for the selected time period — for example, if you have 3 entries yesterday for different feelings, they will show 33% each on the daily graph. If you have 5 anxious reports in the past week out of 25 total entries, the report will show you as 20% anxious for that week.

    This mechanism does in one sense compensate for variations in the number of daily entries, because 1 angry entry out of 3 entries will give the same report result as 10 angry entries out of 30 total entries. However if you only make a few entries a day it may tend to distort the percentage for each feeling based on the limited data.

    Does this answer your question?

  • Jacques Falquet
    22 October, 2012,

    Thank you for the answer.  The pie chart does give a good grasp of the general balance of emotions. Have you thought about providing a line graph? I think it would allow a better understanding of their shifting.

  • ronit
    22 October, 2012,

    We initially did experiment with a line graph, but found that a pie chart was more suited for the iPhone interface.

    I agree that a line graph would provide for finer-grained analysis of your feelings, and we are considering adding additional graphing capabilities in the future through a related web application that would give a better user experience for this type of analysis.

    Thank you so much for your feedback and suggestions.

  • 5 November, 2012,

    I paid for, downloaded and installed the app for android. When I tap to open it, I get the message: app has stopped. No way can I open it… what’s missing? help!!

  • 5 November, 2012,

    Thanks for your prompt response via email. Eagerly waiting fix :)

  • DJ
    29 November, 2012,

    Good morning! Just checking in on the Android app. again.  Have a wonderful day!

  • ronit
    1 December, 2012,

    Hi DJ, we are happy to announce the availability of AWARENESS for Android phones! You can get it by clicking the Google Play button above, or via this link.

  • Michael Jones
    4 December, 2012,


    Ronit I’m a computer science graduate, and I was wondering how do you deal with categorical data such as emotions? within your application? is it possible to somwhow statistically average how a user is feeling?

  • barbara
    21 May, 2013,

    what about a “burned out” feeling? or is that not specific enough?

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