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This app is a Godsend!

If you are as passionate as I am about working towards a heart full of compassion, forgiveness and acceptance towards your self and others – this is a master tool.

- Marion LoGuidice, New York, NY

Many thanks for creating such a timely application for the iPhone.

I’ve started using it today and have already made good use of the safe spaces the app allows you – very rewarding! The simple action of taking a few minutes to breathe and relax during a busy day at work really allows me to not feel as worried or anxious about upcoming deadlines and expectations. Thank you.

- Jonathan Davis, Oxford, UK

The Awareness app is an outstanding guide for cultivating emotional intelligence, integration, and resolution.

The process has a clarity that effectively helps one work through and beyond challenging feelings and concerns to access understandings, self-empowerment and peace.
Furthermore, the habits of mindfulness it encourages begin to take root naturally and become a new part of an individual’s empowered awareness, indeed. What a Gift! With the Awareness  app, a liberating mirror of the Soul now exists without our companion technologies. Thank you!

- Barbara Loring, Saco, ME

I would just like to say that I have been using this app for the past month and I cannot thank you enough for the progress I’ve made.

The minutes of meditation a few times a day made a massive difference in my inner spirit, it magnified in all aspects.
I feel that I am more apt to take on any challenge that life tosses at me. (Most challenges lol)
I love the energy that I feel surging within my body when I enter the meditation.
Finally I love the quotes and having a pie chart of all my feelings for various time frames.
I know I missed a lot, but thank you for this app!!

- Boris Dimenbort, Brooklyn, NY

This app is wonderful!

It is easy to use and the reports are very organized and helpful. Awareness really helped me become a better person and I am more confident and friendly. And I have been able to deal with my emotions more calmly and productively. I am amazed at how life changing an app can be and it was worth the price. I recommend it to everyone whether they are trying to become a better person or already are one. This app works wonders!

- iTunes user Ttaappfarma

This app is really amazing.  It’s such a good idea

It has really helped me start thinking about which activities I have that do make me a better, more fulfilled person.  I’ve come to some interesting realizations.. some might seem intuitive but it was only thinking about this tool (and talking to my wife about it) that I started really seeing its application in my own life.  One thing I discovered is that my ADD habit of checking work email during the weekend only increases anxiety and frustration and typically with little ability to actually change any outcomes until Monday when most other people are available… I’ve stopped bothering to look and surprise, surprise… nothing bad has happened… I’m also reevaluating how much I contribute to volunteer and recreational groups… I end up taking up way too much and without enough positive indicators through my awareness monitoring to make this effort worthwhile (at least relative to what I could be spending my time and energy on).  The google map function on your website is pretty amazing.  It’s really first rate.  Anyway, just wanted to shoot you a quick email and let you know my own experiences with inner peace!

- Bryan Campbell, Houston, TX

It took some time for me to discover the beauty of the Awareness app,

but with steady daily use I have come to really appreciate its power for allowing me to reconnect with myself in a deeper way. The design is smart and the graphics are beautiful, especially the use of color-matching for a diverse list of feelings. And there are numerous tutorials embedded in the app to educate and instruct. I now find that I am beginning to become more aware of my feelings away from the app without being notified. And I am learning how to better identify different feelings in myself more accurately. It is just the simple act of quieting my mind for a moment each day and putting my attention on what I feel in the moment that is the greatest benefit of the Awareness app. I think creator Ronit Herzfeld has tapped into a vehicle for self-discovery and self-empowerment with Awareness-a superb use of technology for the sake of enlightenment!! You need only allow it to bring your emotional body to life.

- iTunes user bfbdestiny

I use a blackberry

but this is the first app that has me thinking of investing in an iTouch!

- Joe Faraci, Chicago, IL

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