Psychotherapy and Massage Therapy

When a muscle is stressed or hurt in some way, it spasms and contracts.  The reason it spasms is because it feels fragile and vulnerable, so it closes down and becomes hard to protect itself from further damage.  Often it stays in a spasm loop and when that occurs it becomes harder and harder. Over []


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You Are Not Uniquely Disturbed

Did you ever wish you were inside somebody else’s head? Of course you did. If you stop to think about it right now, you could probably come up with several individuals whose minds you wish you could read. If you are interviewing for a job, you probably would love to know what they think of []


Bumping Into Brain Science

You know how when you start thinking about something, or planning to buy some big item, or you get some weird health problem, suddenly you start seeing that particular thing everywhere.  You turn the TV on and someone is talking about it.  You are standing on line in a bank and the people behind you []


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