The Mind – What is it?

Have you ever stopped to think about the nature of your mind?  Did you come up with an answer?  Probably not.  Well you are not alone according to Dr Dan Siegel.  He reportedly interviewed thousands of scientists, therapists and other mental health professionals and none could come up with a definition. This is what he []


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Living In the Miraculous

I want to share a couple of  human interest stories I heard and saw on video to give you an idea of how revolutionary neuroscience is becoming and the impact it is already having in people’s lives.  One of the most moving stories describes a 54 yr old eye surgeon who sustained a massive stroke []


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Germs and Brains

Before the discovery of germs and bacteria, people believed that physical illnesses were caused by wrathful Gods, spirits entering their bodies, the evil eye and a variety of other fantastical interpretations. They then attempted to “cure” the illnesses in some pretty strange and sometimes barbaric ways, such as using bleeding cups to take blood from []


The Mind that Changes the Brain

The idea that our minds can actually change the structure of our brains is mind-boggling, and would have been heresy a couple of decades ago.  Well, no more.  We now know that our day to day experiences have the capacity to restructure certain parts of our brains and generate new neural connections. This is an []


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Bumping Into Brain Science

You know how when you start thinking about something, or planning to buy some big item, or you get some weird health problem, suddenly you start seeing that particular thing everywhere.  You turn the TV on and someone is talking about it.  You are standing on line in a bank and the people behind you []


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