I don’t have time!

Time to revisit this very relevant and potentially quality of life changing topic. Hmmm, these words just tumble out of our mouths without any regard to what they mean.  You don’t have time? Really? Time is all you have! What you do with it and how you spend it is your choice, but all you []


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Which One of You is in Charge of Your Life?

How often do you find yourself in great conflict with two parts of yourself? The conflict may be about whether you should eat that chocolate cake, stay up or go to sleep early, turn off the TV and go pay the bills, keep your mouth shut and not answer your partner’s snide remark, or thousands []


It’s So Hard

I have been working on creating a new web page for our AWARENESS app.  In the process I am discovering that I still get contracted around doing something new in the tech world.  I have definitely rewired a lot in this area, but as I work with the designer or organizing the page, every cell []


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Reactive and Creative Self

We are mostly reactive, unconscious creatures. Yet within us lives a conscious, creative presence which is part of Spirit. Our calling is to connect with and operate from that part of us.


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