Which One of You is in Charge of Your Life?

How often do you find yourself in great conflict with two parts of yourself? The conflict may be about whether you should eat that chocolate cake, stay up or go to sleep early, turn off the TV and go pay the bills, keep your mouth shut and not answer your partner’s snide remark, or thousands []


Beyond the questions… Into Action!

Ok, you really heeded the last blog; you asked yourself those critical questions and you got how waking up and operating from a conscious space can transform your life. Well, maybe you got it, but at this point you are back on automatic pilot and forgot it all. Would you please, right now, take a []


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Wake Up!

Awareness is the key! I will keep reminding you of this most important tool. The objectives of my blog are to EDUCATE, INSPIRE and AWAKEN you.   Because we operate predominantly from our Reactive, pre-programmed Selves, we are mostly unconscious or asleep in our day to day life.  Unless we wake up from the automation []


The cost of reactivity to children

In past blogs I spoke about our Reactive and Creative Selves and our need to intercept the reactions and replace them with thoughtful responses.  There is no place that this intervention is more important than when we are dealing with our children.  Young children are greatly influenced by our verbal and non-verbal communication.  From a []


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As some of you may have seen in the video I posted about empathy, our brains are wired to connect with each other and foster our interdependence.  This neurological phenomenon seems to fly in the face of all the power, control, territoriality, war, greed, anger, and competitiveness apparent in our world at large and even []


Ground-Zero Mosque- An opportunity for the Creative Self

As the disagreement around whether the Mosque should be built near Ground-Zero seems to be rising to a screeching hysteria, with each side absolutely believing it possesses the truth, it doesn’t seem like we are going to resolve this issue anytime soon. In the meantime, the animosity between the two sides is growing deeper, further []


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Reactive vs Creative Selves – revisited

Following on yesterday’s post on the two types of Knowing: intellectual and heart, I thought it would be a good idea to review these concepts in the spirit of bringing them closer to your hearts. The following questions are posed to aid you in getting a better appreciation of your knowledge of these concepts. The []


Reactive and Creative Self

We are mostly reactive, unconscious creatures. Yet within us lives a conscious, creative presence which is part of Spirit. Our calling is to connect with and operate from that part of us.


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