Awareness is the Key

One of the most challenging tasks facing us is remaining aware and conscious in the moment.  I touched on this a little in the Live in the Moment blog, but here I want to focus on the conscious and awareness parts.  So much of my blog discussions involve helping you understand how the mind works []


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The Mind – What is it?

Have you ever stopped to think about the nature of your mind?  Did you come up with an answer?  Probably not.  Well you are not alone according to Dr Dan Siegel.  He reportedly interviewed thousands of scientists, therapists and other mental health professionals and none could come up with a definition. This is what he []


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Living In the Miraculous

I want to share a couple of  human interest stories I heard and saw on video to give you an idea of how revolutionary neuroscience is becoming and the impact it is already having in people’s lives.  One of the most moving stories describes a 54 yr old eye surgeon who sustained a massive stroke []


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The Mind that Changes the Brain

The idea that our minds can actually change the structure of our brains is mind-boggling, and would have been heresy a couple of decades ago.  Well, no more.  We now know that our day to day experiences have the capacity to restructure certain parts of our brains and generate new neural connections. This is an []


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Rewiring Fears

Is anyone other than Jeff interested in learning whether I am still afraid of bees?  Jeff posted a comment in that post asking me whether I got over this fear and how.  I responded that I did, it took longer than that one time with Leor in front of our building that day.  It took []


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