We are all One!

It all began innocently when I was four and a half years old.  We had just moved from our one room dilapidated apartment in south Tel Aviv to a new, larger apartment in the northern part of the city.  Full of excitement, having not seen my grandparents since our move, I got on the bus []


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New Venture – Writing A Parenting Book

Sorry to have been MIA for the past month.  As I began writing my last blog, which was going to follow up on the Transcending Fear one, I was gripped by a compulsion to write about parenting.  I am not sure why.  Maybe it’s the insecurities and fears present with all the parents I am []


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Spirituality – Core Self

When we truly connect with our Core Self – our inner directive, our creative force, our truth – we no longer fear death. Our only drive is to express and manifest that truth; Socrates, Gandhi, Martin Luther king.


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