How many times have you experienced the following scenario:  You are sitting with your loved one in a restaurant, on the couch in your home, or driving a car, and you are discussing something that seems benign and lighthearted.  Suddenly the discussion takes a turn and you find yourself in the middle of a heated []


Loving Yourself on Valentine’s Day

What does it mean to love yourself? You know what it feels like to love another, but do you experience that sensation for yourself? Learn how, and teach your children.


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On Love

This evening I went to have dinner with my parents, as I have done on most Friday nights for the past three decades.  My mom is probably one of the greatest Yemenite cooks and having Shabbat dinner with her and my father is always a treat. Usually Leor, David, my brother and his son, Eric, []


Family Dinners

NEW “Guilt-Tripping” Ad Campaign Asks Parents to Turn Off PDAs and Spend Time with Family Sans Technology A new campaign, ‘Offlining, Inc.’, an in-your-face campaign nudging us all to turn off our mobile devices and computers for a while in order to devote a little time to a good old face-to-face conversation or family dinner, []


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