Distinguishing between thoughts, feelings and sensations

We often find it difficult to distinguish between thoughts, feelings and sensations. When asked, “what do you feel?” the answer we come up with is usually a thought not a feeling. Additionally, we have a difficult time distinguishing physical sensations from emotional ones. Physical sensations include fatigue, nauseous, hunger, etc. We might say: “I’m feeling []


Beyond the questions… Into Action!

Ok, you really heeded the last blog; you asked yourself those critical questions and you got how waking up and operating from a conscious space can transform your life. Well, maybe you got it, but at this point you are back on automatic pilot and forgot it all. Would you please, right now, take a []


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Awareness is the Key

One of the most challenging tasks facing us is remaining aware and conscious in the moment.  I touched on this a little in the Live in the Moment blog, but here I want to focus on the conscious and awareness parts.  So much of my blog discussions involve helping you understand how the mind works []


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As some of you may have seen in the video I posted about empathy, our brains are wired to connect with each other and foster our interdependence.  This neurological phenomenon seems to fly in the face of all the power, control, territoriality, war, greed, anger, and competitiveness apparent in our world at large and even []



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